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16 January 2006



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On 16th January 2006 in Beijing and on 17th January in a lecture to the Friends of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, Admiral Zheng He’s 1418 map will be released to the world.


The 1418 map, drawn decades before Columbus, da Gama and Magellan set sail, shows the whole world with extraordinary accuracy. Each continent of the world has remarkable geographical features with near correct general contours and position. All the oceans of the world are displayed, many major rivers (the Potomac leading to Washington DC) and innumerable islands.

If the map is considered genuine, the history of how the “New World” was discovered will have to be rewritten. Columbus did not ‘discover’ America; da Gama was not the first to round the cape; Magellan was not the first to circumnavigate the world; Cook did not ‘discover’ Australia; New Zealand was not first settled by Maoris but by Chinese; the Portuguese were not the first foreigners to settle Brazil, Mozambique and Angola, nor the Spanish Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela. The Chinese had accurately surveyed the world before European voyages of exploration started.

Discovery of 1418 map

The map was purchased by Mr. Liu Gang, a prominent Chinese lawyer and collector in 2001. He acquired it from an old map/book dealer in Shanghai. When Mr. Liu saw the map in the dealer’s shop, he realised that this old map was very unusual since many of its depictions and descriptions were not consistent with the common knowledge of the discovery of the New World. Mr. Liu is a founding partner of “Commerce and Finance Law Office”, a prominent Chinese law firm. 

Details of the 1418 map.

The map is finely illustrated on bamboo paper with ink and soft colours. It immediately impresses the viewer with its simplicity, elegance and clarity. It measures 59.7 cm x 41.75 cm but is not a precise rectangle (i.e. it is not A2 size). In the top right hand corner are six Chinese characters which read, “general chart of the integrated world”.

Links with other Chinese maps published by 1418.

At the launch in Beijing and at the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, a schedule with photographs of Chinese maps of the world published during Zheng He’s era will be available for viewing. Despite the existence of several Chinese maps of the same era, the 1418 map for the first time collates all geographic details on a single spread. This map, was copied in 1763 by Mo Yi Tong, whilst China was being ruled by the Ming Dynasty. Also, the details on this map are consistent with descriptions in a book, “The Marvellous Visions of The Star Raft”, published around 1418 which chronicles Zheng He’s voyages in the mid- 15th century.

Expert evidence

To date, all experts who have given their opinion on the 1418 map consider it to be genuine. Copies of their opinions are available in the press pack.

Corroborative evidence

Mr. Menzies, author of ‘1421 The Year China Discovered America’, suggests that every continent, ocean, island and river shown on the 1418 map, acts as corroborative evidence that Zheng He’s fleets had visited those sites. The basis of his deduction can be seen at www.1421.tv . In addition, attached with this release is a 12th January copy of an article written by Stephen Fay in The Economist magazine relating to the 1418map which contains good points for reference. (www.economist.com/books/displaystory.cfm?story_id=5381851)

Time and Venue of Launch in Beijing, China

Time: 1800-1915hrs

Venue: Bookworm Club, Yard 4, Sanlitan South Street, Gongti North Road,

      Chaoyang district, Beijing.

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