Gavin Menzies Cartographic Fiction: The Case Of The Chinese ‘Discovery’ of Australia

W.A.R. (Bill) Richardson

This article critically examines the evidence and claims made by Gavin Menzies of Ming Dynasty Chinese circumnavigation of the world in 1421: the year China discovered the World. It concludes that the evidence presented remains highly speculative and is not sufficient to justify the conclusions Menzies draws.

Published in the Journal of The Australian Map Circle Inc. The Globe, Number 56, 2004, and reproduced here with the permission of the author and The Globe.

“Regrettably, the book is but one more example of what has been termed ‘imaginography’.2 The measure of credence that should be accorded to Menzies’ book as a whole may perhaps be judged by an examination of his claim that the Chinese discovered Australia.”

“‘Imaginography’ and uninformed, wildly speculative ‘translations’ of toponyms are not conducive to a credible rewriting of history.”

The full article is avalable as a PDF file. Click here to view.

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