From: harry pothead [mailto:harry_pothead9_9@hotmail.com]

Sent: Sat 01/04/2006 04:03
To: Geoff Wade


'Dr' Geoff Wade:

The Dr title doesnt give you the right to a no holes barred all out attack and abuse of someone who merey published his beliefs and ideas. I have read much worse and outrageous books that were actually supported by the likes of you!

Just because you carry a title like that doesnt mean it automactically entitles you to put an author down to the lowest possible level your single celled pre-historic little mind can descend to. YOU of all people should understand that. Im no Dr or a learned academic yet can grasp the basic logic and civility of allowing someone the freedom to put forward an idea
without getting trashed senseless. While you were doing your studies your work was no doubt scrutinised and criticised but im sure it was fair and reasonable, not loathed upon because your examiner didnt agree with it.

On one hand ugly academics like you are allowed say, write, or publish anything you like based on your own brand of research and on the other gavin menzies isnt. I bet you already judged his entire book even before turning the first page. Typical arrogant self- important hypocrite. You should be stripped off your DR. Its utterly tasteless and repulsive behaviour by a person of higher learning. Shame on you for such a low down personal attack.

Fierce as a mongrel ripping into a piece of meat. Whats a great institution like the NUS doing mixed up with you i will never know. Nor do i want to.

Your claim as an expert of asia is the real lie, not the book. How could you support your so called arguements by repeating that was no evidence whatsoever of any written records of this or that....well as an 'expert' of chinese history dont you know what happened to the records? Or are you merely, like every other 'expert' in your camp, shoving facts under the bed hoping they would go away simply because you have no answers. If there were really any records that survived the documentation purges you would be eating humble pie through your rear end.

Your explanatons of the maps are no better either. They are also pure conjectures-what proof do you have? The arabs? You must be joking! Dont embarrass yourself and the profession. It would be more believable to say it was ET. Or God. There is not one single shred of evidence for the arabs and you know it. While they were good sailors and traders they were no where near the level of their chinese counterparts. You need to re-do your PhD again mate. Some of what you put forward against the book may be true there is also much that has no solid substantiation.

Although many buy your views, I for one never will nomatter what you say because you have failed a very simple fact: the chinese were the most advanced on the planet of the era, and their ship building tehnologies and seafaring experience speak for themselves. If a small european ship could sail all round the globe then what is not possible for the far superior gigantic junks that had water tight comparments, double hull, massive centre stern rudder, multi masts,to name a few, and manned by an army of 28000 skilled and dedicated seaman to achieve? Its like finding footsteps on the moon minus the flag and wondering whose they are. Well, who else could it be if not the americans for only they had the capability to do it. I refuse to stick my head in it just because someone with a title has.

Time to stop your mud slingging and accept a possiblility. ________________________________________________

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