1968 Fire

Fire on Cape Dauphin, July 1968

Cape Breton Post, Sydney, Nova Scotia
archived at Beaton Institute, Cape Breton University

Thursday July 25, 1968.

Forest Fire Is Contained

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Department of Lands and Forest fire fighters worked through the night Wednesday to contain a forest fire centered in about nine acres of land at Cape Dauphin, Victoria County, about five miles southwest of New Campbellton.

The fire broke out on one of two mountains adjacent to St. Ann’s Bay and department fire fighters were rushed to the scene from the Baddeck station. The fire scene is 10 miles north of the Kelly’s Mountain.

Early last evening men made their way into the fire area with bulldozers in a bid to hold the fire in check overnight.

An aerial water bomber fought the fire throughout the afternoon. Cause of the outbreak was not immediately known.

Fire broke out in approximately the same area 10 years ago and yesterday fire fighters moved into the area on a wood road cut earlier.

Farmer Dan Alex Clarke lives in New Campbellton and said last night his property wasn’t in immediate danger. Nor are several other farms and summer cottages in the area.

Mr. Clarke said the fire did look bad earlier in the afternoon, but the water bomber seemed to keep it in check.

The fire is 30 miles from Smoky, where fire gutted, 4200 acres of timber land earlier this spring.

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Friday, July 26, 1968

Forest Fire Under Control

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A forest fire at Cape Dauphin Victoria County, was reported under control Thursday morning and department of lands and forests officials said they expected the fire to be extinguished before the day was out.

Firefighters moved into the area 10 miles north of Kelly’s Mountain with bulldozers Wednesday evening while an aerial water bomber combed the fire center during the afternoon.

The bomber and a patrol plane remained grounded at Baddeck yesterday morning due to weather conditions. A light rain in the area assisted firefighters.

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